Blogging 101 – Assignment – Dream Reader


This is an assignment on writing for our Dream Reader. This blog is actually set-up as something that I would read. My love of books has been one constant in my life. As a child I read to escape a world that was extremely negative and punishing. I was always the “odd man out” in my family and was the scapegoat for everything that went wrong. So, my reading was one way (actually the only way) for me to escape my environment. It has continued to be a great escape in my life. I love my children, but the need to escape the constant “want” and “need” of them has been through books. Even though they are older now, I still want to read; although the need to read has abated, somewhat.

            In a lot of ways, books have been my obsession; and that is okay. The library is my refuge. My quiet place to retreat to when the loudness of everyday life is too much. I’d love to know if books have helped other people to cope as they have me.


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