Books I’m Glad I Read – the Series Edition

     Instead of writing a book review this week, I thought that I’d write about some of the series that I’m glad I took the time to read. I guess that I’ll go about this from first to last. When I was young I read The Lord of the Rings. I have actually re-read this series many times. There are so many things about the books that I like, but I have to say that in the beginning it was the elves that did it for me. I wanted to grow up to be as wise as Galadriel and have the very bestest of adventures. And, how about those 1st and 2nd breakfasts? Those Hobbits have got it made!

Terry Brooks’ Shannara series is another one that I’m glad I read. I haven’t read each and every one yet, since there are just too many books and too little time. This is something that I’ve never read over and over. Although when our son was little I read the first three aloud to my husband in the evenings. We didn’t have TV, and he enjoyed them very much. What I’d like to do is re-read them all in order. Maybe this winter?

     The Hunger Games trilogy is another series that I really enjoyed.  I liked these because of the way they made you think about how our world works; and the similarities between the fictional world and ours.  Thinking is really good for us, and I liked how she made you see things that normally most people wouldn’t put together.

     What can I say about this series?  I haven’t seen the TV show past the first season.  I think that I prefer the books to the show, as the show couldn’t possibly do justice to the intricate plots in the books.  Just when is George R.R. Martin going to publish the next one??  How can I keep waiting….and waiting….and waiting!!

     I’ve read other series, but these are the ones that stand out in my mind.  How about you?


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