The Good Girl by Mary Kubica – Book Review

This book is a thriller that is told from various characters viewpoints in a “before” and “after” manner. The plot involves the kidnapping of an art teacher who just happens to be the daughter of a well-known judge in the city of Chicago. The kidnapper decides to not turn her over to his superiors and instead takes her to a cabin the in middle of rural Minnesota. His reasoning for doing this is to keep her safe. He is afraid that his superiors will kill her after torturing and raping her, regardless of whether the ransom is paid or not.

The main character, Mia, has never felt safe before, and once she realizes that her kidnapper “Owen” is trying in his convoluted way to keep her safe, she begins to trust him. And so begins her relationship with her kidnapper.

By telling the story in a “before” and “after” format, Kubica sets up the thriller in such as way as to leave the reader questioning exactly what the outcome will be. We are also left wondering whether or not we will ever find out what really happened.

I recommend this book. The way the story was told only requires that the reader pay attention to the chapter titles. Some other reviewers had a question regarding this format, but I thought that if you took notice of the chapter titles, it was fairly easy to follow how the story was unfolding. Also, this book gives us the story of the main character without ever using her voice. Instead, the story is told through the voices of her mother, the detective who is looking for her and her kidnapper. I found this particularly interesting, and it worked well. Only at the end of the book do you get both the impetus for the story and the conclusion. Well done!


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