Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female by Tania Kindersley & Sarah Vine – Book Review

I need to start off by saying that I don’t usually read non-fiction. I always have this fear that I’ll be bored. Lately I have read a few more non-fiction than usual, and I have been pleased with these books.

Backwards in High Heels is anything but boring. The title refers to the fact that Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, while dancing backwards and in high heels; but the adulation was mostly his.

I really enjoyed this book, and laughed out loud on many many occasions while reading. It’s the life book that I wish had been written about 25 years ago. I’ll probably buy a copy of it for my daughter; I think it’s that important for young women to read. The wisdom these two women have written down for the rest of us is great. It’s wisdom that they learned the hard way…by living.

Each chapter is full of little nuggets of good sense; along with funny and not-so-funny anecdotes that prove the wisdom of what they’ve learned. And, need I say it, what the rest of us as women have lived. As you age, you do (if you’ve been paying attention) obtain some wisdom. Tania Kindersley and Sarah Vine retained their life lessons and have shared their wise words with us. We are smarter for it. I highly recommend this book!


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