Before I Go by Colleen Oakley – Book Review

I  wasn’t sure at first, if I really wanted to read this book. It seemed like it could be rather depressing, since it’s about a 27 year-old woman who is given between four and six months to live because of her returning cancer.  However, once I began reading the book and was introduced to the main character, Daisy, I was extremely glad that I decided to read it. What I found noteworthy about this book was the way that Daisy was portrayed. She was a likeable character who was dealing in her own way with one of the worst situations someone can face. The way that she decided to deal with her cancer and prognosis was at various times both humorous and heart wrenching.

In a fashion that would conceivably be true for an overly neat and organized wife, Daisy decides that she needs to find her husband a new wife. This is one way that she feels she can help him cope with her death. So, this is what she sets out to do. Only, once she finds the “perfect” next wife, she begins to have second thoughts. I won’t reveal what happens. Just read the book, it’s definitely worth the time. So, once again I highly recommend this book. Before I Go has everything, including both laughter and tears.


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