The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue – Book Review

While I’m not usually a fan of the Gothic “turn of the screw” type book, I found this one had just the right mixture of intensity, mystery and skin-crawling creepiness. I found it hard to put the book down, since I really needed to – nay – had to find out What Happened!


This is the story of Jack Peter Keenan, a boy with autism who is smart, but troubled. He needs to be home schooled by his father who keeps insisting that Jack is improving; while his mother is convinced that Jack will never improve. The stresses placed on this family of course, is just one turn of the screw; and they keep on coming.


There are the drawings that Jack does; the monsters that seemingly appear out of thin air; and then the various “sounds” of something creeping around their house. Not to mention the invading tapping that Jack’s mother hears.  Even the weather conspires to further isolate the family alone in their house.  Alone with monsters, Jack’s best friend, and the sound of someone creeping around outside.  Add to this mixture a rather odd minister and his very strange housekeeper.  The screw keeps turning, and you keep reading…who, what, where?


All this along with a possible drowning that took place three years ago, and which somehow is tied to the drowning of every person aboard a ship over 100 years ago. What is real and what is a ghost? Who or what is bringing these strange monsters to life?

So, if you want to find the answers to those questions, I suggest that you read this book. It will be well worth your time.


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