A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan – Book Review


I really found this book to be both chilling and thrilling. It’s the story of Mr. Heming, a successful real estate agent who as a side-line of his business keeps copies of the keys from all the houses he has sold and “visits” these houses whenever he feels like. He will sometimes be in the house when the family is there, but they will be unaware of him. Mr. Heming has the ability to fade into the background and often people who meet him have no recollection of having done so.

While telling us his story, we become familiar with how Mr. Heming satisfies his curiosity about his neighbors. Not only does he cook meals in their kitchens (without their knowledge); he riffles through their bills and diaries; while snooping in their closets. In fact, there is no part of their lives that are hidden from him.

If this was all Mr. Heming did though, the book wouldn’t be nearly as unsettling as it is. Through the use of memories, we eventually get to the root of what Mr. Heming’s interference has caused in his past. I won’t give you any spoilers, but will share that not only is Mr. Heming one of the creepiest characters, he is also one scary dude. Thank goodness he’s just a character in a book. Also, thanks to Phil Hogan I won’t be giving out my house keys to anyone in the near future.


This book is a good read, and a great portrait of a chilling character. Be prepared for a psychological thrill as you follow this character’s story!


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