The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman – Book Review

I have to say that when I first started reading this book I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. The Fair Fight is about a female fighter from the 1800’s. As someone who will not watch boxing matches, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read about them, either. However, the story and characters are completely compelling and I couldn’t read the book fast enough.

The character of Ruth, a woman born in a brothel and turned into a boxer by the age of 10, is fascinating to say the least.  Here is a character who has lived her whole life in poverty-stricken circumstances, knows that the odds are stacked against her, but continues to fight (pun intended).  The other main character is Charlotte, a lady in every sense of the word, who has also been confined and held down due to her being a “lady”, but once she sees and later meets Ruth, changes those circumstances to better suit herself.

Freeman is a wonderful writer whose attention to detail makes you feel as though you are living in the book, rather than just reading it.  By writing this book, she takes a time period and holds it up to us, showing how confined the lives of the woman were, but also how they were able to change those lives.  I highly recommend this book.


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