The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – Book Review

This review is a little different for me, since I usually review fiction; and this is a “how-to” book, but I thought that I should do a review as I found this book to be both a little bit odd, and also very helpful.

The oddest bit about this book was of course, the culture gap. In Japan the usual home is small, and here in the U.S. our homes and apartments are usually larger. So, some of the advice wasn’t very useable for me, personally. I also understood why she felt that bookshelves should be put in closets (!), but that was definitely a no-go for me. However, much of the advice was really interesting and I will be using some of it in the future, with a little bit of personal tweaking.

She talks a lot about the shear madness of clutter, and having excessive stuff. I really enjoyed the book when she discussed that, since I think that I myself have too much stuff that I just keep because…why, I don’t really know. Also, she give me a lot to think about regarding not knowing what I have because I have too much of it.

So, if you can get over the cultural differences, I recommend this book, since Kondo does have valid points to make. Do I feel like it changed my life? Well, that remains to be seen.


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