Second Life by S.J. Watson – Book Review

This novel follows the life of Julia Plummer after the violent murder of her sister Kate. Added to the grief Julia feels, there is relief also, since Kate wanted her son Connor back, almost 13 years after giving him up to her.  Julia remains convinced that the Paris police haven’t done enough to find Kate’s murderer, so with the help of Kate’s roommate Anna she follows Kate into the seedy underworld of on-line hook-ups and fetish sex. As Julia’s life begins to unravel, she knows that she is in danger of losing all that she holds dear, but continues her downward path regardless.

I really enjoyed this book, as I was unable until almost the end to figure out “whodunit”. While I didn’t enjoy the way Watson left the ending up to the reader, I did enjoy the twists and turns of the story.  Also, the book brought up plenty of questions to think about. When do you know that you’ve crossed the line; how far are you willing to go to learn the truth; and how much are you willing to lose?

I recommend this book with the proviso that there is a lot of sex; so if you don’t want to read that, don’t read the book. I kept reading this book, because I was hooked on the story.  I wanted to understand what it was that made Julia tick, and how far she was willing to go in her search for the truth.


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