The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Book Review

This is one of those books that I read after I watched the movie. If you did watch the movie first never fear, the movie followed the book really well. Just to let you know, this is the first book of a trilogy. If you’ve never heard of the book, it follows the story of a group of teenage boys who live in a place called the Glade. The book follows the character of Thomas, who has arrived at the Glade in a “box” with no memories of whom he is, or where he came from.  The group has figured out that in order to leave the Glade, they have to find a way out through a Maze that surrounds the Glade. The book concerns their solving the Maze and fighting their way out of it.

Just a note: this is a Young Adult book, and it seems that adults are “acting badly”; which is reminiscent of other dystopian novels.  This book reads like an adventure/mystery as the characters have no idea why they are there, or what the purpose of the Maze is. I really enjoyed the book, and thought that the writing was extremely good. I liked the character development, and how action-packed it was. I highly recommend it, and am now on the last book of this trilogy.


Life – Why I don’t have a Review This Week

I need to apologize for not having a review finished this week.  You would think that I would have enough time to write one, but my excuse is that my daughter is leaving for Europe on Sunday.  We’ve been trying to get her organized, so my reading has been limited.  I’ll have a review up next Friday, and I hope you continue to read and enjoy the written word!

The Girl Who Slept With God by Val Brelinski – Book Review

I found this book to be both timely and relevant. With the recent revelations of the Duggar family coming to light, and the Quiverfull Movement in particular, the story this novel tells is extremely relevant to situations occurring today.

In this novel, we are introduced to a family in the throes of an extreme type of fundamentalism; where TV., dancing, reading certain books, and most of all asking questions regarding faith are all forbidden. The book revolves around three sisters, Grace (the oldest) is the most fervent and “godly”, praying and reading her bible at all times; Jory (the middle daughter) and the one most likely to “act out”; and the youngest, Frances, who seems to be the least affected by their odd lifestyle, probably due to her age.

This is a family in a series of crisis’s; while dealing with a chronically depressed wife, Oren, the father, seems to be unable to deal with the problems of raising daughters who begin questioning his harsh rules. When Grace comes back from a missionary trip to Mexico pregnant, the family begins to fall apart. The story hinges on the fact that Grace believes that she was impregnated by God; and as such has an obligation to keep and raise her child. Due to the need to hide the circumstances that Grace is pregnant and Jory has been in “trouble”; the girls are thrown out of the family home and sent to live in the outskirts of town by themselves. Because of this hiding away, Jory is forced to go to an unfamiliar school, and the girls have to learn how to take care of themselves.

There are so many points here that I really found upsetting during the reading of this book. What kind of parent throws a pregnant 17 year-old out of the house to basically take care of herself and her younger sister? What kind of parents raise their daughters in such a manner? Due to their upbringing, the girls are extremely susceptible to all kinds of dangers which eventually lead to a bad ending.

I highly recommend this book, and should you read it, as I hope you do, please leave some comments on what you thought of it. The themes Brelinski brings up deserve to be talked about.

Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge – Book Review

This was a creepy mystery/thriller that had me by the throat from the first page. While reading it I had more theories as to exactly what was going on than there were chapters in the book.  As I don’t normally read books in this genre, I have to say that I’m so glad that I read this one, and will be reading more of Hardinges’ books in the future.

This is the story of how Triss Crescent wakes up one day with only a few memories and the feeling of being slightly “off”. The strangeness continues when her dolls look at her and scream. As she tries to put together the mystery of what she is, the novel only gets more mysterious and scary.  One of my favorite parts of the book is both the character development and the changing relationships between those characters.

I’m not going to tell you what happens, as I’d like you to try to figure out the real deal. However, the twists and turns of this story always had me changing my theories with every turn of the page.

I read this book in only two days, as I simply had to find out what was really going on. I highly recommend it even if you don’t like creepy mystery/thrillers. The writing was wonderful, the descriptions were great, and I loved the characters.  A very good read!