The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Book Review

This is one of those books that I read after I watched the movie. If you did watch the movie first never fear, the movie followed the book really well. Just to let you know, this is the first book of a trilogy. If you’ve never heard of the book, it follows the story of a group of teenage boys who live in a place called the Glade. The book follows the character of Thomas, who has arrived at the Glade in a “box” with no memories of whom he is, or where he came from.  The group has figured out that in order to leave the Glade, they have to find a way out through a Maze that surrounds the Glade. The book concerns their solving the Maze and fighting their way out of it.

Just a note: this is a Young Adult book, and it seems that adults are “acting badly”; which is reminiscent of other dystopian novels.  This book reads like an adventure/mystery as the characters have no idea why they are there, or what the purpose of the Maze is. I really enjoyed the book, and thought that the writing was extremely good. I liked the character development, and how action-packed it was. I highly recommend it, and am now on the last book of this trilogy.


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