The Kill Order by James Dashner – Book Review

This is another Young Adult book, and is the prequel to the series The Maze Runner. I listened to the book on CD and must say that I enjoyed it very much. It was, of course, difficult to listen to; as it involves the world after a series of Solar Flares and the government’s response to dwindling global resources. The novel revolves around Mark, a teenager who luckily was underground in the subway when the solar flares hit. The story follows his and his friend Trina’s escape from the tunnels, and eventually to Appalachia. Once in the mountains, they begin to rebuild their lives along with others who managed to stay alive after the flares.

However, the new world government has a new, radical plan to deal with the fact that the government feels that too many people survived the solar flares. This brings the story to the Cranks, and infectious disease known as “the flare”. There is plenty of action; the characters are well-developed; and you find yourself rooting for the survival of them all. I loved the way the story was told with a series of flashbacks (aka nightmares); and the way that the survivors all watched out for each other. The novel is a well-told tale of survival and a fight against all odds. I highly recommend it.


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