The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins – Book Review

I really liked this book, however, I must say that this fantasy also includes a great deal of horror. The main character, Carolyn, is likable but leaves us wondering what is wrong with her.  It takes much of the book to figure out her motives and once we do, we finally get some understanding of her actions.  I liked that we weren’t told the entire story at the beginning, as it made the book that much more interesting.

Carolyn and her siblings, twelve in all, were adopted, under mysterious means by the all-powerful figure they call Father.  If there was a contest for bad parenting, Father would win it, hands down.  The children become what Father calls Librarians; and learn everything there is to know under their own “catalogue”. Carolyn learns languages; her brother David learns war; while another sister learns all there is to know about death. All twelve of them become exceedingly proficient at their catalogue (for if they don’t the consequences can be dire).

Father is the figure of ultimate power; he is a god who has control of the entire universe. As such, his word is law and all his children must obey. There are plenty of mysteries to be solved, and I found Carolyn to be an interesting character. I really liked the character development and the fantasy-world building. This novel is well-written with plenty of mysteries that lead to obsessive reading. I really enjoyed how all the small strings were tied up at the end. It was well worth the trip into the fantasy. and I highly recommend it.


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