House of Thieves by Charles Belfoure – Book Review


I loved this book. Belfoure really knows how to make us sympathize and understand each character. The emotional connection I felt to each character, but especially John Cross and his daughter, Julia made the book that much more interesting.


The book pivots on the gambling debts accrued by Crosses son, George, that John himself is forced to pay in the most intriguing way possible. As with his previous book, The Paris Architect, John Crosses’ very life, and the lives of his family, depend on his knowledge of the architecture of the houses and banks of the Gilded Age elite.


While the rest of his family goes about their business unaware of the extreme danger they are in, John lives a double-life as a master thief for the gang known as “Kent’s Gents”. But John’s double-life is not the only one in the family. Julia wants out of her gilded cage; George finds relief in gambling, and the youngest son, Charlie makes friends with a newsboy and learns about life in the stews of New York.
I won’t tell you any more, just say that this is a very good book, with the background of the Gilded Age adding to the story. I highly recommend it.


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