Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – Book Review


First I should start out by saying that after I bought this book, I waited to read it like an unwrapped gift I was giving myself. I had expectations for this book, and I’m glad to report that I enjoyed it very much. What I really liked about the book was how Gilbert refused to indulge in the so-called “tortured artist” belief. She really focused on how much practicing creativity in our lives can add to and improve the way we live. I liked her positive belief in creativity itself.


If you are looking for a book that will tell you only a certain type of person is creative and that the rest of us aren’t, this isn’t that book. Gilbert is basically telling us that we are all creative, and deserve to live creative lives. Is she saying that it’s easy? No, absolutely not. However, she is making the case that everyone is creative. That being creative is something you must practice if you want to live a more fulling life.


By calling creativity Big Magic, Gilbert is trying to hand inspiration and creative ideas back to the masses. Being an artist should not be only the dancer on stage; or the painter who sells his work for a lot of money; or even the writer on the best seller list. How about the mother who cooks outstanding meals with pizzazz and love? Or the writer who writes every day, never sells a book, but puts it out there for the rest of us to read on their blog? Or the painter who paints all year to give the results as Christmas gifts? The same is true of the knitter or crafter. Creativity doesn’t belong to only a “special” class of people, it belongs to all of us. I highly recommend this book. Let it change your life.



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