The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage – Book Reviw

The Doctor's Wife

This novel takes on some major issues. The story follows a doctor and his family in the wake of his decision to work at a woman’s health clinic.  There is work-life balance, infidelity; mental illness; and abortion. While tackling these issues, the book is also a who-done-it thriller. I found myself understanding most of the characters motivations, while not agreeing with some of them.


The ability to make most of these disparate characters understandable really helped, as some of the viewpoints were extreme. The “right to life” group would stop at nothing in order to push their agenda on others; up to and including murder. While this is a real life scenario, it is also illogical and does nothing to advance their political agenda.


I did like the fact that all the main characters were portrayed in a mostly sympathetic way, including Annie (the doctor’s wife), her husband Michael; Simon Haas (the artist), and his mentally unstable wife Lydia.


While my main criteria for liking a book is whether or not it made me think, this novel did that. I also enjoyed the thriller aspect of the book very much, and stayed up late reading it until I found out how it all turned out. I highly recommend this book


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