The Bitter Season by Tami Hoag – Book Review

the bitter season


I occasionally will read a murder mystery and Hoag is one writer I feel is worth reading. In her latest book, The Bitter Season, Sam Kovac has been separated from his long-term partner Nikki Liska. By the way, I love the continuation of the stories of these two detectives. In this novel, Liska has moved to the cold-case unit since she is under the impression that this unit will provide her with more time at home with her two teenage sons.


The cold case that Liska is working on, the murder of a cop named Ted Duffy, is full of people not wanting it solved, which of course makes Liska (and us), highly suspicious. Eventually the case leads to a current case that Kovac is working on.


Since I don’t want to give away any of the plot twists and turns, I will refrain from telling you anymore details. However, some of these twists came out the blue and clobbered me over the head in how they were intertwined. I must say that I really enjoyed this novel, and look forward to reading Hoags’ next one. I highly recommend The Bitter Season.


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