Piece of Mind by Michelle Adelman – Book Review



This was one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a while.  Adelman has created a unique character in Lucy, a brain trauma survivor who needs to learn how to survive in a confusing and overwhelming world without the support of her father.

The novel follows Lucy as she must learn to navigate life without any of her usual supports.  While she is not completely left alone, through circumstances she is forced to do the things that she was convinced she was unable to do.  I love the people that she meets, how she reacts and found myself cheering her on.  The relationship between Lucy and her brother was one of the best in this novel.


I loved how Lucy grew – much of it against her will, and began to realize that even though her brain didn’t work right, it did indeed work, and that there was more than one way to navigate life.

I found this book to be interesting, and also to make me consider the number of people who are living with traumatic brain injuries, and how difficult that is.  I highly recommend this novel.




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