I’ll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable – Book Review

I'll See You in Paris


I must say that I loved this book.  It’s a book-within-a-book, and that’s its charm.  Gable sets up a mystery of “who’s my father” that takes place in 2001 with the characters of Laurel and her daughter Annie; while also giving us the story of a would-be biographer Gus who in 1973 is trying to write the biography of Gladys Spencer-Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough; while at the same time telling us of his romance with Gladys’ caretaker Pru.

I found the back-and-forth to be irritating at times, but I must elaborate – irritating in a good way, since I found both story-lines to be extremely interesting.  I can only hope that Gable gives us more of the Duchess’ story sometime in the future.


The 2001 story-line was well written, but it still had to contend with the 1973 story-line which was much more evolved, and the characters were much more interesting.  However, I must say that I could relate to all three of the female characters and found them all to be well-written and fully developed.

I highly recommend this book, and I know that I’ll be looking into the real-life story of the Duchess of Marlborough.


Gladys Spencer-Churchill


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