A Few of the Girls by Maeve Binchy – Book Review

A Few of the Girls


I am a huge Binchy fan.  My heart stopped when I heard that she had died in 2012, and my first thought was that I’d never read another book of hers for the first time.  Thanks to Binchy’s husband and editor I’ve been treated to a few more “new” books.  This one is a series of short stories regarding – of course, I’m sure you’ve guessed it – women.


No one writes a short story better than Binchy.  She pulls you right into the world of her character and immediately makes you care about her.  I loved some stories more than others, (not everyone is nice), and was totally engaged.  The stories are just stories of real life – no plot twists, no mysterious strangers to muck about.  Just life.  I love how fabulously Binchy wrote about life.


All I can say is read Maeve Binchy.  She’s a cup on hot tea on a cold winter’s day; a soft blanket to snuggle into after a long, difficult time.  Do yourself a favor and read this and any other book she wrote.  Yes, I do highly recommend this book!



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