The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky – Book Review



I really liked this book.  It’s the first in a series, which I found to be a little upsetting, since I like to read each book in a series one right after another – and the second one hasn’t been published yet.  No, I’m not too patient, and I hate to wait.


The crux of the book, is what would have happened to the Greek Gods when the new religion began and no one believed in them anymore.  Would they have faded away, or would they have kept “living”, only with major changes?  Frankly, as someone who spent many summers delving into the Greek myths (yes, I am a giant nerd), I really loved how the myths have been interwoven into the novel.


The main character is Selene DiSilva, otherwise known as the Greek goddess Artemis.  Selene lives in modern-day New York where she spends her time ass-kicking very bad men.  She is a hero on many levels, the plot is exciting with plenty of twists and turns and the character development keeps you interested.  I really want to know more of the back-story with the different god and goddess who are living among “us” and am looking forward to more adventures to come.  I highly recommend this book – it will satisfy your inner Greek myth nerd.


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