Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory – Book Review


First of all I must admit that I love Philippa Gregory.  I always look forward to her latest books, and I have to say that this one is just as interesting and enjoyable as all her others.  In this novel we are treated to the story of Margaret Tudor, the eldest sister of the well-known (and might I say, notorious Henry VIII); her younger sister, Mary, and their sister-in-law (twice-over), Katherine of Aragon (first married to Arthur Tudor, and after his death, to Henry).  These sisters become, Queens of England, Scotland and France.

Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

The novel actually follows Margaret Tudor, from her early marriage to James IV of Scotland, her husband’s death (at the hands of her sister Katherine) to her widowhood, disastrous second marriage, struggles to remain in control of her son, James V, to her divorce and third marriage.

Telling the history of Katherine and Mary through Margaret, Gregory leads us in a merry re-telling of the lives of these three strong-willed and fabulously interesting women.  This is of course, another wonderful novel by a fantastic novelist.  I highly recommend this book.  Well done Gregory!


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