Belgravia by Julian Fellowes – Book Review


Fellowes, apparently, is the fellow who authored Downton Abbey (so sorry – I just could not resist), so I was pretty happy when I found Belgravia at my library.  This was a pretty fast read, and I must say that it was an interesting novel, with plenty of betrayals and secrets to keep me turning the pages.


The novel is set in Victorian England, with the whole dynamics of inequality, women as property, and stifling social caste.  I did find the fact that the poor resented the rich to a degree that the rich simply didn’t seem to understand, to be rather amusing.  Let’s just say that the rich are not and have never been, the same as you and I.


Great ball gowns!

I enjoyed this book, as Victorian England is certainly an endlessly interesting place to visit.  I thought that the characters were well written, the relationships between them were fraught with true-to-life issues, and I felt that I could actually “see” the Victorian world in all its glory.  I highly recommend this novel.



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