Farthing by Jo Walton – Book Review


This novel is a murder-mystery, set in an alternative history where England has come to a peace treaty with Nazi Germany; America elected Charles Lindbergh as President; and fascism is running rampant.


Lucy, a daughter of” The Farthing Set” (the group of political families that brokered peace with Nazi Germany) married outside her “station” when she married David Kahn (a Jew), and they have been invited to her parents’ country estate for the weekend.  During that time, Sir James Thirkie has been found murdered, and suspicion has fallen on David, solely due to his status as a Jew.

I really found this novel to be well-written and intriguing.  The family relationships between Lucy and her mother and father seemed quite natural and made the novel more interesting.   The alternative historical aspects of the novel were rather intriguing due to the fascism that is gaining ground in the world today, making the book extremely relevant.  This novel is part of a series that I have not yet finished, but I feel that it stands well on its own.  I highly recommend this novel.  Well done, Walton.



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