Steeplejack by A.J.Hartley – Book Review


This was such a good novel. First of all, just so that you know, this novel is considered young adult.  The story of Anglet Sutonga was so compelling, the world building was fascinating, and the crime/thriller aspect kept you on the edge of your seat.  For one thing, I found the social commentary wrapped up in the detective sleuthing rather interesting and quite poignant when one takes our own society into consideration.  Anglet is quite the character.  For one thing, she’s the best steeplejack in the city, for another, she stands up not only for herself but also for those weaker and less fortunate than herself.


Anglet’s world is one of poverty, extreme wealth, sexism, racism and the struggle to feed and clothe herself.  I loved the real-life aspects of the novel.  This is a world that was completely imagined and brought to the page, warts and all.  Anglet is a hero for us all, and one who we would do well to emulate.

I highly recommend this novel.  Well done, Hartley!


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