Ode to my Library


This should be read aloud, preferably with Operatic intent – the more dramatic, the better!

Oh, my library – my one and only!

I have been like a woman lost in the desert,

Thirsting for the knowledge of your pages.

Like a lover pining for her missing love,

my heart is heavy with the loss of your presence.

When, oh longed-for one,

when will you re-open?

I have almost given up hope, I fear I will fade away

before I stand in your presence again.

The long days between September 6th and November 1st

have dragged, and so has my heart with them.

I so miss your presence!

The smell of the books, the hard surfaces of your bookcases,

The plushness of your chairs, the austerity of your tables.

Oh, my library…will the day ever come?

Can I last until November 1st?

I miss you with my whole heart!


The library books that I borrowed. I finished them all. (Yes, I’ve got tears on my cheeks).



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