The Perfect Girl by Gilly MacMillan – Book Review


First of all, I have to say that I loved this book. It has everything that I feel that a novel needs.  MacMillan knows how to plot, develop characters and elicit sympathy.  While the main character Zoe may be a musical prodigy with an astonishingly high I.Q., she is also a “murderer” responsible for the death of three other teens.  Her story is one of injustice and payment for an accident.  However,  the question remains, are you ever done paying for your sins?  And, when is that sin yours alone?

After “doing her time”, Zoe gets her Second Chance.  A new step-father, step-brother and new baby half-sister.  But some secrets just can’t be kept hidden.  Is her new family anything like the shiny surface?  When Zoe is recognized by the father of one of the teens Zoe “murdered”, her Second Chance falls apart.


I won’t give away any details, since I want you to read this exceptional novel.  Well done, MacMillan!


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