The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict – Book Review


I found this novel to be quite intriguing.  It takes the belief that Albert Einstein thought up his early theories all by himself and stands it on its head.  While at school in Switzerland, the young Einstein meets and courts fellow student, Mileva Maric.  Mileva is a brilliant woman, one of only four women allowed to study at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic.

While Mileva is shy and suspicious of Einstein, eventually by consistently appealing to her mathematical mind and promising to share theories with her, Einstein finally manages to break down her barriers.

The novel follows their marriage, leaving the question of exactly how much of the Theory of Relativity was Einstein’s.  Their story truly brings up questions of what we really know about Albert Einstein, how much of this theory was really his, and if not why did he award his monetary prize from the Nobel award to Mileva.


I highly recommend this novel.  The story is interesting, and the way Mileva is portrayed really gives the reader a sense of who she was, and the questions this book brings up gives readers something to look into and decide for themselves.  Well done, Benedict!



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