The Spy by Paulo Coelho – Book Review


This is a novel about the “spy” Mata Hari.  In case you don’t already know, she was executed in 1917 by the French for supposedly being a German spy, but there was actually little to no evidence against her.  Basically, she was a well-known exotic dancer who was a convenient person to send to trail for public consumption, since the French needed a “win” to mitigate their “losses”.


Mata Hari

I enjoyed the novel, however I wanted to know more about the why of Mata Hari’s life than this novel gave us, although this was not the type of novel Coelho wrote.   Being Coelho, the novel was interesting and enjoyable.  I found the novel to be fascinating, and really liked the “stories” that were included.  In my opinion that’s where Coelho is at his best.   I also liked how he included in this novel how clueless the majority of people were at the time regarding what was really going on, and how they managed to delude themselves about the possibility of war at the time.


Paulo Coelho

I highly recommend this novel.  Coelho is always a good read, and there are more than a few grains of food for thought.  Well done, Coelho!



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