The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters – Book Review


This is a novel that young women in particular should read since it deals with women’s rights in an engaging way.  Seventeen-year-old Olivia is dreaming of going to college after high school.  However, since this is the 1920’s her father believes that women should keep their mouths shut, stay in the house and have children.  After attending a show featuring hypnosis where Olivia is hypnotized, her father has the idea to further hypnotize her so that she will be more “ladylike”, including not being able to verbalize her anger, instead she is forced to say “All is well.”  This in itself is a terrible act of violence since Olivia can no longer protect herself.  At the same time, the hypnotist, Henri Reverie, tells her to see people the way they really are, leading to an extreme change in her view of other people.


The novel takes on the resistance to women’s suffrage, and the attitudes and behavior regarding this fight.  As usual, Winters takes on important issues and an unusual manner.  I loved this novel, and highly recommend it.  Well done, Winter!


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