The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton – Book Review


I’d like to give a little history before I start my review.  In the 1990’s I moved into the house I’m currently living in.  The first people to welcome me to the neighborhood lived in a blue ranch across the street.  George and Millie became a large part of my life, since I was a stay-at-home Mom, and they were retired.  Millie and I called each other quite often, and the kids and I went across the street to visit frequently.  My son frequently went to the lake with Millie and her granddaughter Katherine, who was a few years older than he was.  Millie was also a reader, and she was the one who told me all about Sue Grafton.  At the time, I was reading historical fiction about England and Ireland, and just wasn’t interested in the Grafton series.  Millie passed away a few years ago, and one the of the last things she told me was that I simply had to read Grafton’s books because she would never get to finish them, and she knew that her daughters wouldn’t read them.


So, in fulfillment of my promise to Millie, I’ve begun reading The Alphabet Series, and I must say that I’m really glad I started.  I enjoy the character of Kinsey Millhone.  She’s feisty, smart and funny.  So far, I’ve read the series up to the letter “f” as in, F is for Fugitive.  I won’t go into much detail, except to say that the novels are well written, exciting and the characters pretty well-developed.  I am glad that I waited all this time to read them, as Grafton is now up to the letter “x”, and I hope that she’ll publish “z” before I finish all the other letters.  (Unlike a well-known author named George R.R. Martin of whose books I’ll have to completely re-read before the end! – oh horrors!)  I highly recommend this series.  Well done, Grafton!


Sue Grafton


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