Angels of Music by Kim Newman – Book Review


There is a mysterious and shadowy secret agency known as the Opera Ghost Agency, run by Erik, Phantom of the Opera, located deep under the Paris Opera House.  Over many years, the ageless Erik along with a revolving trio of intriguing young women from their own mysterious pasts solve cases of both the weird, strange and always dangerous.

I really enjoyed both the writing, and the plots of the various cases the Angels came across.  The descriptions of Paris were excellent and I felt myself walking those Parisian streets along with Christine, Irene, Trilby as well as those Angels that follow them into the Agency.


I won’t go into any details other than to say that the cases the Opera Ghost Agency take on are anything but “normal”.  The talents of each Angel is completely different as well, adding to the overall atmosphere and story.  However, I will say that I highly recommend this novel, I do hope that a second one will follow soon.  Well done, Newman!


Kim Newman



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