The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – Book Review


Where have you been all my life, Nina George?!?  I loved this book.  I laughed and cried my way through this book as I have seldom done with other novels.  I rarely actually buy a book, instead I go to the library and take out many many books.  My usual thought is that if I bought all the books that I’ve liked, I’d have nowhere to put my feet down, and I’d have to learn how to float.  However, I am going to buy this novel, and read it again and again.  I have the feeling it will have something new to teach me as time goes by.


So, let me tell you something about this novel without giving too much away.  Jean Perdu is a Pairs bookseller, who sells books in his shop which he calls a “literary apothecary” on his barge, where he heals people’s souls through his book recommendations.  He has the ability to pick the perfect book for each person and heals them.  Unfortunately, he is unable to heal his own soul.  He is still suffering after twenty years the pain of his lover leaving him.  Twenty years ago, Manon, his married lover left him.  His reaction was excessive, and he refused to read the letter that she sent him a few weeks after leaving.

Suffice it to say that twenty years later, Perdu goes in search of Manon, and along the way meets people who by their friendship help him on his way to healing.  There are many characters, laughter, love and healing that take place in this novel.  I highly recommend it.  Well done, George!

Nina George

Nina George


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