The Book of Polly by Kathy Hepinstall – Book Review

The Book of Polly

I absolutely loved this novel.  Polly is the “older” mother to Willow Havens, who is totally fixated on her mother’s death.  Of course, Polly is alive and kicking (in every sense of the word), but Willow feels that she needs to do everything in her power to keep her mother alive, both in the flesh and in spirit.  So, at eleven years old, she tells whoppers about her mother, for which she gets in trouble and sent to the school psychologists’ office.   Polly refuses to allow anyone to call her daughter a liar, and shows up at school with the express intent to prove her daughter is not a liar.  The ensuing scene is hilarious, and Hepinstall keeps us giggling while at the same time tackling the fear of a parent dying, long-held secrets, illness, shoddy police work, misogyny, adolescence, religion, and long lost love.

Wow!  This is a wonderful novel, and I highly encourage you to read it.  It is highly entertaining, extremely well written, and a total pleasure to read.  Well done, Hepinstall!

Kathy Hepinstall

Kathy Hepinstall



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