Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth – Book Review


This is another dystopian novel, the first in a new series by the author of Divergent.  I must say that I enjoyed this novel.  This series takes place in outer-space with a whole new universe.  I loved the “world” building here, it was very complete with wonderful descriptions of the different worlds, peoples and customs.  Roth is very good at this, and I must commend her for it.

The two main characters, Cyra Noavek, sister to the ruler of the Shotet people, and Akos Keresth are completely different, having been raised in much different ways.  However, once they find a common ground, can they be stopped?


This novel is full of rival families, political feuds and inter-world politics.  There is much going on and there is nothing boring about it.  I really enjoyed the world-building and character development Roth has created.  I highly recommend this novel.  Well done, Roth!

veronica roth

Veronica Roth


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