Stardust by Neil Gaiman – Book Review


I listened to this novel on audio with a full cast, and it was just delightful!  I loved the fairy-tale, fantasy and characters.  There really was something new and different around every corner (or on the other side of the wall, to be truthful).  There is a small love-affair, leading to a baby being delivered to Dunstan Thorn (the father), from fairy-land nine months later.  Once this child is grown, he promises his lady-love he will bring her a star to prove his love.  Tristran sets out into the land of fairy in search of his star.


Meanwhile, there are three brothers all vying for the crown their father left behind.  These are dastardly men, each possessed with a burning desire to be king.  Many adventures follow, most of them extremely funny, however I don’t want to give any of the plot away.

I highly recommend this novel.  I really enjoyed listening to it, the audio was done exceedingly well.  Another good one, Gaiman!


Neil Gaiman



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