The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick – Book Review

The Promise Girls

This is a novel of secrets upon secrets.  Meg, Joanie and Avery were test tube babies raised by their homeschooling mother to be prodigies in the arts.  However, things didn’t quite turn out as planned.  After a fateful interview on live t.v., their mother Minerva loses custody of all three of them and life changes dramatically.  Meg, the oldest sister does her best to protect and “mother” her younger sisters.

I love the way this story is told.  The relationships between the three sisters is both filled with love, misunderstandings and secrets.  Their lack of any relationship with Minerva also takes it’s toll on their lives.

This novel is both interesting and filled with believable characters.  Minerva reminded me of all those news articles about “helicopter” and “pushy” parents (usually mothers), insistent on raising extremely talented children who are expected to become successful, as a reflection on themselves.  I highly recommend this novel.  Well done, Bostwick!


Marie Bostwick



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