The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen – Book Review

The Land of Decoration

Ten-year-old Judith McPherson fills her free time creating a world in her room.  She takes left-overs from her late mother’s life, rubbish and recycling that she finds in the school-yard and sidewalks to create a miniature town that represents what she hopes her town will be like after Armageddon.

Judith is a lonely child, who is being raised by a father who seems to believe that the only socializing she needs is church and bible reading.  No wonder Judith begins to believe that she truly does have a personal connection to God.

In the interest of leaving the rest of the novel for you to discover on your own I won’t go into more details.  However, this is one novel that has stayed with me and has had me thinking about it since I read it.  I highly recommend this as it brings up quite a few questions concerning religion, school behavior and parenting.  Well done, McCleen!


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