Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton – Book Review


If you are a fan of pirate tales, this is the novel for you.  There is the swashbuckling “hero”, Captain Charles Hunter, well on his way to being arrested for “pirating”, when in fact he is a “privateer” (simply a legal term for pirate).  Hunter is everything you would hope for in a pirate – he smells bad, he is a cad and a liar in the first degree.  He is also loyal to his crew, an intelligent man, and one bent on obtaining his goals – treasure hunting and stealing being the preeminent goal of a pirate, after all.  Just a note, this novel was published posthumously.


I loved this story.  It had everything you could want in a straight-up pirate book.  A Captain on the search for revenge, treasure and having his name go down in history.  The novel moves along quickly, is a fast read, and is full of all the usual suspects.

I highly recommend this novel, as it is great fun.  Well done, Crichton!


Michael Crichton



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